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Trolleybuses at the UITP Congress, London 

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Trolleybus News from around the world
No onboard fuel to cause pollution
Currently available Trolleybuses

Lausanne 802, a Neoplan N6121 
Design Three-axle articulated trolleybus with 100% low-floor technology
Type N 6121
Vehicle width 2.550 mm
Vehicle length 18.000 mm
Vehicle capacity 34 + 1 seated, 89 standing
Boarding height 320 mm ? 20 mm
Vehicle height 3.500 mm
Tare mass 20,5 t
Total mass 29,4 t (4 Pers./m2)
Maximum speed 65 km/h
Starting acceleration 1,4 m/s2
Braking deceleration 1,4 m/s2
Traction motor 4 wheel mounted hub motors
Type M50-5
Nominal voltage 400 V
Nominal power (each) 60 kW
Max. power (each) 80 kW
Dual mode diesel motor V8 cylinder diesel generator set
Motortype DB OM 442 LA EURO II
Nominal power 385 kW
Generator type DRBDZ0713-32
Generator output 2 x 130 kW at 1500 rpm
Generator max.power 2 x 165 kW at 1500 rpm
Traction motor converter IGBT Direct Pulse Inverter
Input voltage DC 600 V (+25%, -33%)
Output power 80 kW
Design Pulse inverter operated directly at the line
Cooling Force-ventilated cooling rail technology
Characteristics IGBT technology, triggering of the driver stages via fibre optics
Car bus and diagnostic system KIEPE BISS on-board information and control system based on a CAN data exchange between the vehicle subsystem control units with integrated diagnosis and fault indication
On-board power supply 3 AC 400/230 V, 50 Hz, 14 kVA
  DC 24 V, 220 A
Heating type Electrical roof duct and underseat fan heating for the passenger compartment
Heating power 10 x 3 kW
Line voltage 600 V

At the World's largest exhibition of public transport technologies, trolleybus and electric traction innovations showed that the need for efficient, quiet and environmentally benign engineering is now available.

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updated 1/2/06


  Kiepe Electrik  
New trolleybus overhead current collector design.

  Irisbus Civis -  
Available as a trolleybus, with central driver position (above) or offset.

  Civis optical guidance -  
Mounted at the base of the windscreen, a camera reads pale blue, road painted, dotted lines to provide an optional guidance system. The idea is currently being tested at Clermond-Ferrand and Rouen in France.

  Civis axles -  
Hub mounted motors on the two rear axles, turning special 'super-single' tyres, provide a low platform height of 320mm.