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Long term route network -
of 5 minute peak frequency routes
6, 18, 24, 29, 36, 38, 52, 53, 63, 73, 98, 137, 207
be converted to the
906, 918, 924, 929, 936, 938, 952, 953, 963, 973, 998, 937, 907
In addition to the
991, 992, 993 and 994 - 'East London' and 'Greenwich' Transit routes

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  see TfL's Roadshows

Four initial routes are proposed, following Transport for London's plans for 'Intermediate Mode' routes. These are summarised in TfL's 2000/2001 Business Report.

'New tram or bus-based rapid-transit schemes - Studies of four possible tram or bus-based rapid-transit schemes in Barking/Romford, Greenwich, Euston/Waterloo and Uxbridge/Shepherd?s Bush are nearing completion.'

We propose that the East London Transit network be first converted to Trolleybuses, in stages. The Greenwich Transit and Uxbridge Road routes should follow. Longer term, we suggest bus routes with a peak frequency greater than 5 minutes be converted.

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updated 1/2/06