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Praha has ordered 25 Solaris Trollino 24m double articulated IMC trolleybuses for the new route 59 airport service, which will be 58% wired.    Solaris

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updated 12/3/20

TransN is re-introducing trolleybuses to Neuchatel and La Chaux-de-Fonds with 30 new model Hess Lightram 18m battery trolleybuses between 2023 and 2026 running on lines 301, 302 and 304.   TransN

Yutong has exported upwards of 200 trolleybuses to Mexico City and a Zhongtong LCK6126E is being tested. 500 trolleybuses are to be procured by 2024, including double-articulated versions for use on three elevated BRT corridors, now being built.   Yutong

By mid-2023, Bratislava will be operating 16 Solaris Trollino 24 trolleybuses to cope with increased demand. Carrying 160 passengers, 60 seated, the door layout will be 2-2-2-2-2. Costing €17 million and powered by two 160kw motors with 58kWh batteries, this is the first order for the Trollino 24 model.   Solaris

Nancy, after researching alternatives, is to replace the guided TVR system with 25 new model Hess lightram 24m trolleybuses by 2023, giving a 10% higher capacity. The cost will be €50 million against €500 million for a tram system.   Hess

A Salzburg trolleybus is being tested in Innsbruk to investigate installing an IMC trolleybus system instead of using battery buses. With plans to electrify all buses by 2035, lines C, F, J, M, R, T and 404 are being considered for 50% overhead wiring to take advantage of in-motion charging, lighter vehicles and no extra lay-over time. Use could be made of the extensive tram infrastructure.   anonym

Sarajevo, for the first time in 40 years, has ordered new trolleybuses. 25 BKM 43300D vehicles have a battery range of 20km and altogether cost €14 million, provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. To re-open the Vogosca line, closed since the Bosnian war, a further 10 trolleybuses are envisioned.   Sarajevo Times

Apart from orders for double articulated trolleybuses, Praha has ordered 15 SOR TNS 18 articulated types, a purely Czech product, for use on route 58. Traction batteries of 106kWh give a range of 12km, cost €57,150 per set and are guaranteed for 6 years.   Jiri Mejstrik

A new Skoda/Temsa model, the 36Tr or T'City, has been ordered for Ostrava.The 12m IMC trolleybuses, at €448k each, will arrive in 2023 and use will include replacing diesel route 23.   Temsa

Esslingen has brought forward public transport plans to be emission free to 2024 and so has tendered for 46 battery trolleybuses with an option for 10 more. SVE, the municipal operator, has operated IMG trolleybuses for 6 years and the new fleet will be a 460% increase in size.   Jurgen Lehmann

The Rimini Metromare BRT has opened using 9 Van Hool 18.5m trolleybuses capable of 70km/h with IMC technology and 49kWh lithium titanate batteries. The route is 9.8km long with a peak frequency of 7.5 minutes and 17 stops.   rimininews24

Before the war, Kharkiv had recieved nearly 100 trolleybuses, including PTS-12 IMC types, assembled locally from MAZ parts, that had enabled 7 new routes which use partial battery operation without any need to build charging stations.   realistt

Targu Jiu in Romania is entirely replacing its trolleybus fleet with the delivery of 35 Solaris Trollinos by 2023, thus reaching its peak size and able to operate only trolleybuses on its city routes.   Mobilitate Romania

With the completion of Dayton's revitalised trolleybus system, a new report, using North American data, compares the capital costs of IMC trolleybuses with two battery bus scenarios to show a 10% reduction in start-up costs by using trolleybuses. Operational and total life costs are likely to be of a similar order. The report is available here and on this website.    Urban Transport Magazine

25 Zhongtong Shuangyuan trolleybuses have replaced the previous bus fleet on Jinan's BRT1 route. 60 more are following for BRT2. With loans from the Asian Development Bank, $422million will be spent on 8 dedicated trolleybus corridors totaling 111km. Jinan is rated the most congested city in China and one of the most polluted.   CJ6800G1CHK

Beijing BRT1
Beijing's fleet has grown by 10% in the last two years to 1276 trolleybuses serving 31 routes. It is thus the largest trolleybus system in the world.    Fwei Liu

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here
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updated 10/3/22
By Ashley Bruce