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Contracts have been signed with Pescara, Italy, for a new trolleybus system using the APTS/Vossloh Kiepe GmbH Phileas 18m model.

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updated 5/9/07

Venezuela's latest Trolleybus Rapid Transit scheme sees it's first vehicle, a Neoplan N6321 completed on 20th September. Due to be tested in Salzburg before being air-freighted, this prototype is the first of 80 trolleybuses for Barquisimeto.

Beijing continues to take delivery of large numbers of trolleybuses in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. The first of 16m and 12m models produced by Jinghua Saphire, are now being road tested.

The TroleMerida installation in Venezuela was part inaugurated on June 27th. (YouTube) Almost entirely segregated, the system is planned as two routes, both with full scale stations and raised stops. Following the hugely successful Quito installation in Equador, the similar scheme in Barquisimeto is now being built.

Van Hool's first 18m articulated trolleybus to be built in the companies new body style, has been road tested in Ghent before delivery to Genoa. A large order of 55-80 similar vehicles has been signed with ATM Milano.

Also demonstrated at Ghent, but now in service in Winterhur, the first of an order for the 18m Solaris Trollino

Part funded by the EU, the new trolleybus system has opened in Lecce, in Italy with Van Hool/Vossloh Kiepe A330T vehicles

Philadelphia's prototype New Flyer/Kiepe E4LFR signals the re-introduction, in 2008, of trolleybuses to this historic city after a five year lull.

STCL Limoges has now completed delivery of 15 Irisbus Christalis vehicles with a new livery that symbolises the zero emission qualities of trolleybuses.

VBZ Zurich's first double articulated Hess 'Lightram' arrived in June 2007.

The need for new trolleybuses caused the conversion of Evobus Citaro vehicles into all-electric mode in Szeged, Hungary. Mercedes Benz will be launching an electric 18m Citaro with 4 hub motors totalling 320kw, at the UITP conference.

Moscow's huge fleet of over 2,000 trolleybuses is in near continuous process of renewal. Recently new prototypes have been appearing, including this AKSM-42003A, with seperated drivers compartment and Phileas-like appearence.

The Shanghai system is the oldest in the world, operating continuously for 94 years, and has just recieved 30 Changjiang/CBC-Iveco HZWG100K trolleybuses.

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

Sources, Trolleybus Magazine, APTS, VPK, Internet, etc. Copyrights acknowledged
updated 5/9/07
By Ashley Bruce