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Mexico City route 10, the city's first trolleybus BRT. Next will be the 18km Chalco and Santa Marta BRT using 120 articulated trolleybuses, each with capacity to carry 142 passengers and serving 15 stations. A third BRT will see the city using over 500 trolleybuses. World-wide, this year sees a 64% increase in the total annual number of trolley vehicles delivered or on order, as global bus electrification gets underway.   Arrs

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updated 12/3/20

With fleet replacement promised before 2030, Vancouver has been testing a Solaris Trollino 12 battery trolleybus in regular city traffic. With obvious excitement, the Polish manufacturer hopes to be part the promised greater than existing fleet replacement of 267 trolleybuses.   Solaris

van hool
Van Hool has redesigned their city trolleybus range in 12, 18 and 24m sizes, but also proclaim the trolley as the future of public transport. Both Linz and Geneva have recently had repeat orders.   Van Hool

The first Praha Skoda Solaris 24m trolleybus has been presented to the press. Equipped with batteries, and once fully tested, the vehicle will on the busy line between Veleslavin railway station and Vaclav Havel Airport. Carrying 160 passengers, 60 seated, the door layout will be 2-2-2-2-2. Costing €17 million and powered by two 160kw motors with 58kWh batteries, this is the second order for the Trollino 24 model.   Solaris

Zurich has ordered 13 18m and 13 24m HESS lightram trolleybuses by 2024, giving a 10% higher capacity. The contract cost will total 330 million Swiss francs. ZBZ intends to order 140 further trolleybuses to fully replace the existing fleet.   Hess

Arnhem operator Hermes Connexxion has ordered ten Solaris Trollino 18 trolleybuses with the distictive Metro front design. They will be fitted with a 240 kW motor and battery power of about 90 kWh, enabling the vehicles to travel more than 12 kilometers without the need for overhead - ideal for use on the 17km route to Wageningen, replacing diesel buses and running a battery share of 75%.   Solaris

The latest iteration of Belarusian trolleybuses is the MAZ 303T22. 25 have been built for Kazan each with a passenger capacity of 82 people, a 155kW motor and hybrid supercapacitors of 36kWh.   Ulitsa Gor'kogo

Apart from orders for double articulated trolleybuses, Praha has ordered 15 SOR TNS 18 articulated types, a purely Czech product, for use on route 58. Traction batteries of 106kWh give a range of 12km, cost €57,150 per set and are guaranteed for 6 years.   Jiri Mejstrik

A new Skoda/Temsa model, the 36Tr or T'City, has been ordered for Ostrava. The 12m IMC trolleybuses, at €448k each, have arrived and are used to replace diesels on route 23.   Temsa

Yerevan in Armenia has received the first 15 of a fleet of 30 Yutong ZK6128BEVG 12m trolleybuses at a cost of approximately $300,000 each, bringing the fleet size to 53. This is the first stage of a plan for over 100 trolleybuses to electrify public road transport.   Victor Lavrov

The new dedicated trolleybus system for Verona of a 24.6 km network (4 routes), using 39 IMG trolleys, with an automatic approach to the stops, has started construction. The project will include a new depot and cost €156 million with the European Investment Bank providing a €62 million loan.   ColasRail

Despite the vicious invasion, Ukraine has produced new PTS-12 IMC trolleybuses, with Akia Ultra TB12 bodies fom Tajikistan, including 7 to Vinnytsia (above) and 10 to Chernivtsi.   Ymtram

Hess has won a contrat to supply up to 250 LighTram trolleybuses to not only replace existing vehicles but also for new lines C5 and C25 and a BRT route. Delivery starts in 2024 and includes using LTO batteries of 57kWh and a cost per articulated trolley of €850,000.    Neimedia

With the completion of Dayton's revitalised trolleybus system, a new report, using North American data, compares the capital costs of IMC trolleybuses with two battery bus scenarios to show a 10% reduction in start-up costs by using trolleybuses. Operational and total life costs are likely to be of a similar order. The report is available here and on this website.    Urban Transport Magazine

Alamty has started taking delivery of 100 Yutong ZK6128BEVG trolleybuses via local Khazakhstan company QazTehna who will assemble the new fleet. Funding includes €58.9 million from the European Bank to buy 190 trolleybuses to renew the existing fleet.    Vladislav Zaharov

Shanghai, the world's oldest trolleybus system, held an online vote to choose the design for new Sunwin vehicles, resulting in a retro design being chosen    David Chen

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here
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