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The UK government is funding a 3 route trolleybus network in Leeds at a cost of 270 million euros. Part segregated and with priority at junctions, the scheme will see 30 trolleybuses in service by 2016. The minister concerned said the scheme "seeks to tackle congestion in the city at peak times, while presenting sustainable and practical alternatives to the car."   (impression)

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Tbus News - 2010

TROLLEY, the first European trolleybus project

Innovative Electric Bus Transit Systems

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updated 20/3/10


The first European funded trolleybus project has just started. The project ?TROLLEY ? promoting electric public transport? is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF. The TROLLEY consortium consists of nine European experts on electric urban transport from six countries, see

Returning to trolleybus production is BredaMenarinibus, with a major order for Roma's second new trolleybus network. The 45 vehicles will be Avancity-S-HTB's and the first has recently had electrical components installed by Skoda.   BusPortal

At a cost of 163 million euros, the second trolleybus network in Roma will total 38km over 3 routes, using articulated trolleys fitted with supercapacitors to minimise electricity use. The project will include major road improvements along two corridors to the south of the city centre.   BredaMenarinibus

The University of Riyad, Saudia Arabia, has ordered 12 Viseon 18.75m trolleybuses for their new campus.

The small system at Landskona has proved sufficiently popular to need a further trolleybus to join the existing fleet of 3 Solaris 12m vehicles. To cope with the near doubling of passengers carried, the new Solaris will be delivered in September 2010.   J. Lehmann

Lausanne has started taking delivery of it's 35 Hess Swisstrolley3 models (12 similar vehicles are also on order for Fribourg). Tests have been carried out with one of Zurich's Hess Lightram trolleybuses with a view to ordering the 24.7m double articulated vehicles as part of the fleet renewal. Tenders have been invited to extend route 8.   Bastien Fontannaz

St.Gallen has taken delivery of 7 Hess Lightram trolleybuses, completing the fleets renewal. Replaced trolleybuses have been sold for further service in Sarajevo.   J. Lehmann

A new trolleybus type by MAZ, the 203T, has been delivered to Gatati and to Lublin, where 15 are on order with Polish electrical equipment.   Alexander

Testing was been completed in February on a new trolleybus route in Plzen, between the station and Folmavska, using a Skoda 24Tr. With the addition of new wiring, the route is due to be officially opened in July.   Jiri Kohout

Using local Wuhan Yangtze Dongfeng 12m trolleybuses, Wuhan has replaced diesel buses on the circular route 5. The new trolleybuses carry 85 passengers and seat 35.   Zachary Jiang

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

Sources, Trolleybus Magazine, APTS, VPK, Internet, etc. Copyrights acknowledged
updated 22/3/10
By Ashley Bruce