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The first of a new generation of Solaris trolleybuses has arrived in Salzburg. The "Metro" style Trollino 18AC has Ceglec electrical equipment and a 265kW traction motor by Traktionssysteme Austria. The inital delivery is for 10 vehicles, which will be branded Obus SLB to reflect conversion of all routes to trolleybuses.   G. Mackinger

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updated 7/7/12


Limoges operator TCL has recieved the first of four Hess SwissTrolley4 for use on north/south route 4 with traffic priority and reserved sections. The trolleybuses, which will form the backbone of the Limoges system, carry 146 passengers each and cost a total of €3.6 million. A video by the local TV station is now online    CentreFrance

Vossloh Kiepe has announced supply of 37 VDL Citea 18m trolleybuses for a 23.8 km two route network being built in Verona for completion in 2015. The vehicles will have supercaps, Euro6 diesel apus and automatic guidance at stops.    VDL

The UK government has signalled the first new modern trolleybus system to be built in the UK with the go-ahead of an initial £250 million, two route network that will be operating by 2017-8. More....

Siemens has unveiled it's "ehighway" concept, foreseeing motorways equipped with overhead to enable trolleylorries to operate in 100% zero emmission mode, because of future oil depletion and climate change. Extensive testing with two vehicles has been carried out in Germany and pilot projects are being planned for Los Angeles and Long Beach.   Siemens

The ehighway concept is claimed to easily integrate into existing highways and infrastructures. The trucks are designed to use both electricity and autonomous power and will automatically switch to electric mode when they detect and attach to the overhead lines.   Siemens

Parma has recieved the first of it's 'ebus' trolleybuses. The Van Hool 18m Exquicity, an electric BRT and shown at last years UITP congress in Dubai, will also be available in 24m double articulated form and claims to have the efficency of a tram.   Van Hool

Irisbus Iveco, in a recent presentation to the Truck and Bus World Forum, looked at future all-electric hybrid designs, with plug-in range extenders. This may see the Civis replacement, the Crealis Neo, using part wired routes, that enable 'cleaner, denser and smarter cities'.   

The Type 52763? trolleybus by BTZ has been on show at the UralTrans 2012 exhibition in Ufa. 100% low floor, with wheel chair access, the vehicle representents the latest in a long evolution of comfortable but rugged trolleybuses that endure some of the toughest of operating conditions.    Vintik

Recent publicity has seen the advocation of double deck six wheel trolleybuses as an answer to Londons worsening air pollution. Diesel buses cause disproportionate amounts of toxins along major thoroughfares, at levels illegal under EU regulations.   eQdigital

Bogdan T70110/5 trolleybuses are replacing trolley vehicles that have been in continuous service for forty years on the world's longest and arguably most spectacular trolleybus route in the Crimea, between Simpheropol, Alusha and Yalta. 103 Bogdan trolleybuses are now part of the 234 vehicles of the active fleet.   Maxmaster

All twelve Viseon LT-20 18.6m trolleybuses for Riyad have now been delivered. The University campus based system is due to open soon, following extended civil engineering works.   Viseon

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 25/5/12
By Ashley Bruce