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No onboard fuel to cause pollution
Currently available Trolleybuses
  Download presentation made to the LowCarbonVehicle Partnership, Bus Working Group

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EU Take-up Guide pdf

TROLLEY, the first European trolleybus project

Without any available practical battery or fuel cell technology, the only realistic way to use electricity in transport is to transmit power via overhead conductors. But where rail and tramway systems have considerable infrastructure costs, electric trolley vehicles have costs approaching one tenth of light rail systems and only a fifth greater than diesel buses. Installation is less disruptive and with 'environmental total costing', Trolleybuses are the cheapest option.

Considerable advances in Trolleybus technology, such as much less obtrusive overhead, ac traction equipment and solid state sub-stations further enhance an already reliable system. Where tested (Vancouver), passengers prefer to ride on Trolleybuses and there is evidence (San Francisco, Seattle) of 10-15% increases in usage where Trolleybuses have been installed. Arnhem and Saltzburg have reported 16-20% increases.
When the decision makers understand how enticing and cost-effective state-of-the-art electric Trolleybuses can be and how to best implement them, they will be more inclined to push forward with road priority and traffic reduction schemes with these new forms of non-polluting urban transport. We are generating a vision for the planners and politicians to move towards.

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The Electric Tbus Group was formed in May 2000 by a number of concerned individuals to promote the re-introduction electric trolley vehicles in the capital of the United Kingdom as a way of bring about a quieter, cleaner, more environmentally benign way of traveling within the metropolis.

Irvine Bell
Andrew Braddock
David Bradley
Kevin Brown
Ashley Bruce
Malcolm Crofts
Lars Freund
Peter Golds
Bruce Lake
Gordon Mackley
Palle Nilsson
Tim Runnacles
Simon Smiler
Bryan Stead
David Sterratt
Gary Stevenson
Colin Vaughan
Chris Veasey
Dave Wilsher
Martin Wright

Who we are

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Promoting quiet, clean urban transport using Overhead Electric, Zero Emission Trolleybuses -
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 Downloadable videos
Watch the Tbus Goup video
Tbus promo, 55mb, to download movie, right click here & 'save target (or link) as'
For a broadcast quality version, please email

Leeds Tbus promo - watch or
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Footage of Limoges trolleybuses - watch or
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EU Trolley project video - watch or
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Zurich lighTram - watch or
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 Downloadable reports

'One track mind or Broad vision' Powerpoint presentation
Presented to Travelwatch meeting, 6.3mb

Article -
Why the Trolleybus?, click for more...

Tbus Group Leaflet, 1.8mb pdf

Moving People - the case for Trolleybuses
Download presentation (6mb Powerpoint)

Response to TfL call for comment
West London Tbus Solution

Initial response report
West London Transit mini-report

WLT costings comparison
West London Transit spreadsheet

WLT Tbus scheme capital costs
WLT Tbus scheme capital costs

WLT Tbus scheme maps
West London Transit maps (14mb)

East London Transit
East London Transit, .6mb pdf

East London - Initial phase
Download detailed proposal (3mb Word file)

the Electric Tbus Group's response to the Mayors draft Air Quality Strategy
Download response (980k pdf file)

Health costs attributable to road transport in London
 Download Report (18k xls file)

Transport, congestion and air pollution - the way forward -
Download report (30k Word file)

Why the Trolleybus? -
Download report (54k doc file)

An analysis of Trolleybus economics -
Excel spreadsheet (142kb)

A chart, comparing bus, Trolleybus, guided Trolleybus and tram costs -
Download cost comparison table (9k pdf file)

The Benefits of Clean, Quiet Emission-Free Transit Service,
Benefits of Clean, Quiet Transit in Vancouver (584k pdf file)

Swedish Trolleybus Report -
New Concepts for Trolley Buses in Sweden (3.6mb pdf file)

Worldwide Trolleybus Technology Development
- a report for the Hong Kong Enviromental Protection Department
by Ecotraffic, Research and Development AB.
46 pages.
Hong Kong Trolleybus Report (775k pdf file)

Agenda of Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority
including recommendations and reasoning for
acquiring 305 new Trolleybuses for replacement and extension
263 pages.
Vancouver Trolleybus Report (2.2m pdf file)

Reasons to Maximize Trolleybus Usage in Edmonton
Detailed presentation of the environmental benefits of Trolleybus useage
Reasons to Maximize Trolleybus Usage (450k ppt file)
Reasons to Maximize Trolleybus Usage (1.5m ppt file) (full version)

'Analysis and design of Trolleybus overhead',
a paper looking at considerations of the advantages of increasing line voltage
to reduce current, line fittings and conductor wire sizes.
Analysis and design of Trolleybus overhead (22k pdf file).

'Overhead maintenance costs',
looks at practicalities of calculating Trolleybus overhead equipment.
Overhead maintenance costs (11k pdf file).

A test of Kassel kerb use
Kassel test (html)

A proposal for an assitive guidance system using the overhead conductor wires
Low cost guidance system (124k doc file)

A chart comparing guidance systems
Guidance comparison chart (Excel)

Downloadable media
Download videos about current systems
Arnhem, Moving the City (11.5mb)
Athens, Saving the City (9.5mb)
(requires Windows Media Player)

Download Trolleybus slide show
Moving People powerpoint presentation (6mb ppt file)

TROLLEY ? promoting electric public transport, European trolleybus project
Trolleybuses for Leeds
Trolleymotion Group
Proposed Trolleybus City
Thames Gateway Partnership
Transports en Communs Lyonnaise
Edmonton Trolley Coalition

Vancouver Trolleybus Advocacy

Intensive / guided bus routes are envisaged in
the 1999 Government consultation document,
From Workhorse to Thoroughbred:A Better Role for Bus Travel

Hong Kong Trolleybus News

Transport for London

Electric Vehicle Association

Nancy's Horizon 2006

Cristalis Trolleybus unveiled

 Energy Optimised Traction System for Electric Vehicles

Biodiesel: Too Little Benefit / Too Much Money, Conservation Law Foundation

Electric vehicles campaign

Car Free Cities

UK Railway web sites Directory

ETA - on the move with the earth in mind

Berkhof Jonckheere
Bombardier Transportation