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New Ukrainian/German manufacturer Electron is supplying its new model to Lviv. It has a capacity to manufacture 100 trolleybuses or trams a year.    Carlos Arnau

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updated 14/2/15


Luzern has ordered 21 Hess trolleybuses, including a further 17 double articulated lighTrams, to enable diesel to trolley conversion and system extension with greater frequency and capacity.    J Lehmann

Rogaland County Council have decided by a large majority to use 18/24m trolleybuses on its 45km Sandnes and Stavanger BRT network, currently being built, as the only vehicle option that provides sufficient environmental and reliability abilities for the primary routes. The system will open in summer 2021.    Trivector

10 Trambus trolleybuses, built by Bozankaya have been delivered to Malatya in Turkey. The first route of the planned 51km network is 21km long, terminating at the University and has started operation.   Motas

Beijing has 200 Foton trolleybuses on order to combat city air pollution. Amongst the latest are the 18m articulated BJ618OE models being used to replaced diesel buses on the BRT1 route, part of a program to replace 20 diesel routes. They have left hand entrances for use on the central loading platforms.   Chromabus

Similar to recent trolleybuses supplied to Saudi Arabia are a fleet of Youngman 18m vehicles for use on Beijings 23km BRT3 route, the longest trolley route in China.

The first New Flyer XT40 trolleybuses, part of large orders for Seattle and San Francisco, are being delivered. 40ft and 60ft versions will be introduced, fitted with regenerative braking and battery apus. A recent performance audit found trolleybuses to be quieter, use less energy, be better on hills and be more cost effective to operate than hybrid equivalents.   seanp253

Daytons prototype Gillig trolleybuses have entered revenue service. The four battery or diesel apu fitted trolleys have been purchased following a favourable cost benefit analysis. Much overhead in Dayton has recently been renewed.

A new Russian trolleybus type PKTS-6281 "Admiral" has been launched. With a capacity for 100 passengers and a top speed of 65km/hr, the vehicle makes extensive use of plastics and is part of a 1.3 billion RUB Federal 5 year electrification programme.    Dmitri Bobkov

Beijing 95660, a new BJD-WG120EK trolleybus on the newly electrified 116 route, one of 12 routes planned to be converted from diesel this year.    Comet

Series production of 55 Iveco Crealis Neo trolleybuses for Bologna has started at the Skoda plant in Pilsen in readiness for a new route and a major renewal of the city centre street fabric.    Zdeneck Kresa

Bratislava is receiving 80 Skoda 30 and 31TR Sor trolleybuses to replace previous generations and to provide for several new routes.   Zdeneck Kresa

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 14/2/15
By Ashley Bruce