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Now operating at Riyadh University, Saudi Arabia, are 12 Viseon LT20 trolleybuses, fitted with powerful air-conditioning to cope with the possible 50°C temperatures. Strict gender segregation is enforced and all male drivers are separated from the passenger compartment by a fixed wall. The network is the first in the Middle East.   Vossloh Kiepe

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updated 9/5/13


With five year experience of battery buses showing short life and high expense problems, China is to invest in trolleybuses, with China Daily reporting 4,058 electric buses to be delivered to Beijing by 2017 to considerably reduce serious air pollution.   subwayZhou

Szeged has replaced diesel route 10 with trolleybuses as Ikarus-Skoda T450 vehicles are delivered. 18.75m in length with a capacity for 134 passengers, the vehicles have 248kW motors and lithium ion batteries for 7km of offwire running.   Regional Bahn

To replace its existing fleet, Seattle will take an initial delivery of 141 New Flyer Excelsior trolleybuses that will use 25 percent less energy and help enable extended services, starting in 2014. The order is shared with San Francisco, who will take 240 of the new trolleybus design.   New Flyer

Appearing at the 2013 UITP conference is the first of 33 Van Hool Exqui.City trolleybuses for Geneva operator TPG. The 18.6m, low floor and four double door trolleys combine the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of a tram. Delivery of the new fleet will be completed during 2014.   Fabien Lisanin

Luzern VBL announced its decision to order nine double articulated trolleybuses. Carosserie Hess has been awarded the contract. From mid 2014 the LighTram with its tram-like front will give a modern image to the transport system and all nine vehicles will be in service by December 2014.   Hess

Limoges Hess SwissTrolley4 trolleybuses now carry the core load of passengers in the town, on route 4, with Irisbus Cristalis trolleybuses working all other routes.    Charly-Agora

Electra, the Brazilian trolleybus manufacturer, has produced an 18m articulated model, based on MAN chassis and the first of 20 for Sao Paulo. With WEG traction motors, batteries for off-wire service and Induscar/Caio Millenium BRT bodywork, the trolleybuses will be operated by Metra in the east and south of the city.   Divulgacao

On the first day in service, 18.02.2013, on trolleybus route 1/4, Ancona's Solaris Trollino fleet of four entered service on the restructured network, which now uses 750v DC and includes an extension along Via Torresi.   Trollino

24 new Yangtese type WG6120DHA trolleybuses are now operating in Taiyuan. Fitted with batteries to enable 16 km to be travelled off-wire, the trolleybuses automatically switch to pure electric mode when they detect overhead lines. Their arrival has enabled route 105 to be resumed, with a 6 minute frequency, a 1.3 km overhead extension and two bus stops added at the western terminus.   chinabuses

The success of Zurich's routes 31 and 32 has led to the delivery of 12 additional Hess Lightram double articulated trolleybuses, to provide increased services frequencies of 7 and 5 minutes all day.   Hess

As part of the major refurbishment of Sao Paulo's trolleybus fleets, 50 three-axle Eletra/CAIO Millenium BRT trolleybuses, based on Scania K270 chassis, are now in service. Traction batteries enable a 10km offwire range.   
Ricardo Milani

49 Iveco Crealis Neo trolleybuses are due to start delivery to Bologna this summer and continue until 2016 so as to convert bus route 19 to trolleybus operation. Optical guidance will be used on entering bus stops and a diesel generator for off-wire operation will comply with the Euro 6 emission control.   Daniel Lerma

A fleet of 40 new Jinhua Young MAN Neoplan JNP6120BEV1 trolleybuses see Hangzhou's route 155 resume electrified operation. Lithium-ion traction batteries are provided for a short non-wired section through Yan-an Road.   Zachary Jiang

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 9/5/13
By Ashley Bruce