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Now being built by manufacturer Bozankaya, with electrical equipment by Vossloh Kiepe are 10 double articulted 24m trolleybuses for the new network at Malatya in central Turkey. 222 passengers can be carried (58 seated) and two 160kw traction motors drive the two centre axles. Two 18.75m artic trolleybuses are also being produced.    Bozankaya

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updated 9/5/13


The first 'Trambus' for the Matalya trolleybus system has been rolled out. The first route of the planned network is 21km long, terminating at the University and currently being wired. Operation in expected to start in the Summer.   Motas

Beijing has recieved a prototype Foton trolleybus, potentially part of a large order to combat city air pollution. The 12m trolley uses Ganz, China Southern Locomotive and Shenyang equipment.   Chromabus

Hangzhou has recieved it's second batch of Young MAN JNP6120BEV1 trolleybuses, part of an order of 180 to entirely replace its existing fleet and enable route extensions.

The Spanish system of Castelleon has ordered 6 12m Solaris Trollino Metro style trolleybuses with auxillary battery power to extend the current 2km route to 8km by the end of the year. They will be similar to those entering service in Salzburg.   A Bruce

The first of Luzerns nine double articulated trolleybuses nears completion at Carosserie Hess. From mid 2014 the LighTram with its tram-like front will give a modern image to the transport system and all nine vehicles will be in service by December 2014.   Hess

La Spezia operator ATC presented its new Solaris Trollino 12m trolleybuses to the public in the Piazza Garibaldi. The eight new vehicles will enable better service provision and passenger comfort.    Cittadellaspezia

Shanghai has recieved the first 60 YoungMAN type JNP6120BEV1 trolleybuses as part of an order understood to total 230 that will provide a comprehensive modernisation of the network. They include considerable battery power provision and are designated as 'Rechargable Electric Buses' in China.    flxible1980

Eighty Trolza 5265.00 'Megapolis' trolleybuses have been delivered to Saint Petersburg with 37 VMZ 5298.01 'Avangard' types to follow, to further modernise the 700 strong trolleybus fleet.   Mikhail Chernysh

Just starting delivery are 50 Solaris/Skoda 27Tr trolleybuses for Sofia, worth around EUR 26.9 million. The capacity of these four door 18m vehicles is 160 passengers. Top speed is limited to 65km/hr .   Dagmar Braunova

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 24/3/14
By Ashley Bruce